Furious 7
Directed by James Wan

Here’s the problem with the fast and furious movies; they don’t really fall under the action movie genre.
For me, They fall under the same category as The Expendables. Which could be described as too fucking goofy to be taken seriously.
And I can’t stand those protagonist to villain one liners. Any credibility the movie has kinda falls by the wayside if I see a bad guy hanging off a cliff and the good guy has enough time to spit out  “have a nice fall”.
I mean holy shit!

The only time That shit is acceptable is in a fucking super hero movie where they’re already dressed up in ridiculous shit so they’re basically allowed to do or say whatever ridiculous shit they want.

That being said I did like the ending. It was emotional as shit and I totally wasn’t expecting it.
I enjoyed the last five minutes more than the entire movie. I think they might have gone a little overboard with how they chose to execute it, but I liked the message. It was something I’ve never seen a movie do and it kinda tickled my penis. For that, I will turn my thumb sideways, and not completely down.

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