Run All Night
Directed by Jaume Collet-Sera

Once again, Liam neeson unloads on bitches. Once again Liam neeson has to turn the seemingly impossible odds in his favor, as they are stacked heavily against him. Once again Liam neeson and rapper Common throw down in an epic show down as they beat the piss out of each other with flaming 2 by 4’s.
Ok that last one may be a first but holy shit!
I’m writing a letter to the editor; from now on I want Common in every movie that Liam neeson is in.
I went in with low hopes and left pleasantly surprised.

Vincent d’onofrio (law and order) played the detective. And I can’t decide whether I liked that or found it a bit goofy. I was kinda waiting for his cop buddies from Criminal Intent to pop out and be like “whoops wrong set lol.”
All in all I digged it. Not necessarily an A+ movie. But I fuck widdit.
You’ll never catch neesons!!

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