Directed by Levan Gabriadze

Remember high school?
Remember that group of super annoying white people that you hated? That same  group of white people that seemed to have a never ending debacle of drama between them?
Well this movie is about those white people!
It’s about those white people being killed in totally super tight horrifically horrible ways!
Better yet, it’s about those white people being killed OVER their bullshit drama!

But don’t let me lead you on. It’s actually not as great as it sounds.. Besides the whole white people dying over their own retarded relationships with one another, it’s actually a pretty crappy movie.
I mean holy shit!  These people are watching their friends die and they still have enough energy to argue over “like omg how could did you hook up with chad??? Uuugh..”
Real shit, you literally watch this bitch TYPE OUT ‘uuugh’ in Facebook messenger. And She types it out on two separate occasions. THAT IS ONE TOO MANY TIMES TO ALLOW AN AUDIENCE TO WATCH THE MAIN CHARACTER TYPE OUT UUUGHH.
It’s hard to take it seriously.
But once you stop trying to take it seriously it’s pretty funny. Whether its intentionally funny is another thing, though.

You must have a good story to make a good movie. You can have the coolest concept and scariest ideas to make the whole theatre jump from their seats, but if scary don’t have a point, it’s all wasted.
And white people arguing over petty bullshit is not a story. That’s just a normal Tuesday night anywhere in America for anyone named Chandler or Brody or Jenna or Chrissy.

And the funny fat guy died way too early on, and for that, I turn my thumb upside down.


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