groundhog day 2Groundhog Day
Directed by Harold Ramis

What would one do if one was Stuck to relive the same day, every day, for what seems an eternity?
Personally I would Fuck shit up as hard as I could and then I’d master the piano.
And holy fuck wouldn’t ya know it, Bill Murray does both that shit in what is one of my favorite movies, Groundhog Day.
Stuck in a town of which Phil (Bill Murray) loathes, he searches for a way out of this paradox that’s seemed to fucked him over.
And while it is a comedy, its only once the futility of escape is certain that Bill Murray begins to add some depth to the movie. So that even though it is meant for laughs, he’s able to reinforce it with something solid.
This movie is my shit, and so is Bill Murray. I’ve watched it countless times.
It’s timeless and tight. It’s timelessly tight.
Now where is Joaquin Phoenix with my thumbs up in this bitch!

thumbs up
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