Avengers: Age of Ultron

avengersAvenger’s: Age of Ultron
Directed by Joss Whedon

Would you like a fantastic show of shits? Joss whedon is here to help.
He’s created a flick that is sure to fuck you up in the best way. He’ll strengthen your senses as he impairs any doubt you may have in your every day super hero.
He impairs thy doubt while he impales thy butthole.
In other words, grab ahold of your ass cheeks, my friend, cuz this shit is gonna blow your butt up!
Right from jump this movie kicks into high gear as the sickest squad of ass kickin earth protectors, better known as the Avengers, shows the audience that wu tang clan ain’t nothin to fuck with.
Personally, there’s one thing that makes and breaks the superhero flick, and that’s knowing how to balance the perfect amount of plot conflict, immersible action, and comedic relief.
Whedon comes through big time with this one; blending the three together perfectly.
And Wait Hol up, no one told me Paul Bettany was gonna show up and wreck shit, this movie very well may have just become my shit based on that alone. Very tight.
But don’t take my word for it (actually do take my word for it, I have the first and final word on anything so go fuck yourself)! Go and check it out for yourselves. It’s the kinda jam that Joaquin Phoenix himself deems worthy!

thumbs up

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