imitation game front linkThe Imitation Game
Directed by Morten Tyldum

Benedict fucking Cumberbatch. World War fucking II era. Oh fuck what a movie.
This movie is so exciting I might as well have been doing cocaine while riding Universal Studio’s roller coaster ‘The Hulk’ over and over. This movie is and forever will be my shit.
I mean holy shit! I finally understand. Some chef must have gone back in time to create a different world, one where the future has the perfect breakfast. He must have concocted this delicious fucking egg dish, but didn’t know what to call it. He then thought of the only other awesome thing from his own time that could match up to the awesomeness of this dish- and that’s Benedict fucking Cumberbatch you fucking whores. So he then named his new breakfast item eggs Benedict. Cuz that’s how fucking sick my man Cumberbatch is. He’s just as awesome as those fucking eggs are delicious.

Any World War II flick is more than likely gonna pique my interest. It piques a lot of people’s interest. Its a sometimes horrific but always fascinating subject.
This isn’t your typical war movie, though. No ones getting blown to bits out of muddy trenches, or dodging mortars as they run through a nazi invaded Poland.

There are no close combat scenes of any kind, and still, it is one of the most epic and important World War II stories ever told.
Change your life and watch this movie;
You’ll be wanting eggs Benedict faster than you can say cumberbatchismymotherfuckingjam.

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