The-Tracey-Fragments-Screencaps-movies-1646004-999-574The Tracey Fragments
Directed by Bruce Mcdonald

What in the fuck did I just watch.
This is the worst shit and I hated every second of it. Scene after scene of meaninglessly bizarre bullshit video/video effects filled with incoherent dialogue that makes my brain angry.
I’m still in disbelief that I sat through the entire thing.

And what sucks even more about this whole thing is It probably would have made for a (wildly) mediocre indy film if it was filmed by some one who isn’t completely out of their fucking minds. I want to find Bruce McDonald, the asshole that made this movie, and ruin his life. I want to torture his family in front of him and then kill them all slowly. I want everyone and anything that this asshole Bruce McDonald loves to die. I want him to know pain as I have come to know it over those horrible seventy-seven minutes.

I know what you’re thinking. And no, seventy-seven minutes is actually way too long. Twelve minutes is way too long for this movie. No amount of time should be allowed to ever watch this movie.
Worst movie I have ever seen. Bar fucking none.
The audacity the fucker had to make this fucking acid trip of a movie. Go fuck yourself.
I had to order this shit on Amazon.

Which means yes, I paid actual money to watch this.
I’m just dumbfounded at the fact that there was an actual group of human beings that sat around a table after they made this ridiculous video (I’m now choosing to not call this a movie) and all come to the consensus that this FUCKING HEAPING PILE OF REGURGITATED FECUL MATTER was ready for the public’s viewing.
I want my seventy-seven minutes back u fucking dick licker.

 I’m hittin you bitches with an unprecedented double phoenix for this special gem.
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