furiosaMad Max: Fury Road
Director: George Miller

Furiosa god damnit, you baaaaaad bitch.
Strap up and Buckle in fuck o’s, for you are soon to witness mayhem in its most brilliant form.
Two hours of non stop calamity. Mad Max comes at you fast, and it comes at you hard.
Charlize Theron pulls her weight and then some. She goes toe to toe, pound for pound with Tom Hardy in badass-ery. I mean holy shit! This chick is rockin one arm as she brawls with Hardy like he’s some school boy bitch. That’s my bitch right there.
Only downside I would say to this movie is that the beginning can be a bit too comical/cheesy for my taste, and it took about thirty minutes to feel really invested in it, but once you’re in it, you’re in it. And you don’t think twice about looking away. It’s very tight. Very chill very tight.
And oh fuck can we talk about this mother fucking score??
This score is gonna sit on top for fucking years to come. Nothing is topping this shit anytime soon.
If this shit doesn’t win awards based on just the score alone, there’s definitely something rotten in Denmark. Cuz this shit is amazing. God damn just thinking about it makes my penis tingle.
I mean holy shit! Imagine this movie is a fighter jet: zoomin past bitches at 1,500 miles an hour, droppin bombs and takin names and not givin a fuck.

If this movie is a fighter jet, then this beautiful fucking master piece of a score is the jet fuel: propelling an already heavy hitting war machine into an all out kamikaze.
Acting and music aside though, it’s also just some beautiful shit to watch, and deserves to be seen on the big screen.

Im keeping this shit short and sweet,
So get up limp dick. And go watch the piss outta this movie.


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