babadook3The Babadook
Directed by Jennifer

Get ready to piss your pants and clean your sheets you butt munchers, because this one is a bonafide bed wetter.
Holy dick shit. Finally some truly scary shit without any gimmicky horror bullshit.
And by God. Did I just watch a scary movie where the cast can legitimately fucking act??
Pinch my butt hole- I have got to be dreaming.
I mean holy shit! This movie is so dope that if there was a sound track for this shit, that shit would be entitled ‘Now that’s what the ef I’m talkin bout volume 6’ mother fucker.
If you love scary movies but you hate almost every scary movie that’s been released in the past ten years, watch this junk. It’s guaranteed to be your mother fucking peanut butter and jam. I watched this shit alone and got pissed off at my dog whenever she barked down the hallway because I thought the babadook was coming to fucking devour my life.
God damn I love this movie.
The cast is small; Primarily focusing on the two main characters, a mother and son, The Babadook is a prime example of what choosing quality over quantity, in terms of casting, can amount to.
After all, If you’re looking to ruin a good scary movie, it isn’t hard. All you need is that one douche bag ‘scary movie guy’ actor. The kind that makes you laugh whenever he or she is frightened, completely defacing whatever value the movie has.
This mother and son duo absolutely rock shit performance wise as they wage war with a monster that is sure to getcha mind fucked and ya butt munched.
Mr. Phoenix, can I get a thumbs up please before I shit my pants thinking about the The Babadook?

thumbs up

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