Directed by Damien Chazelle

Well fuck my nuts and butter my biscuits. I feel like I just ate a thanksgiving meal.. cuz that Whiplash shit just hit the mother fucking spot.
Determined to be one of the best jazz drummers to ever live, this story revolves around this dude, Andrew, played by Miles Teller. It isn’t one of your run of the mill ‘protagonist picks up an instrument and overcomes a couple obstacles and becomes pretty good’ tales. This mother fucker literally bleeds for this shit. He suffers both extreme physical and mental health, all to be the absolute best. He even picked up this cutie, totally asked her out old school style and everything. Just walked up on home girl while she was at work and was like “say girl, you cute. Lets eat pizza.”, and then totally dumped that bitch cuz he knew the pussy was only gonna have him distracted, and he couldn’t have that shit.

And while ya boy Miles did his thing, and I probably like his character more, I aim my hands’ applause at J.K. Simmons for this one. Simmons fucked shit up. Like that shit was good. I like this movie for the darkness of it, and J.K. Simmons is definitely the reason behind that.

It being a story that revolves around an instrument, you know a climactic musical scene is coming. I was hoping it wouldn’t be a cheesy one- and it wasn’t. It was tight. Have you on the edge of your seat tight- nay! This ending is so tight and worth all the fucking stress they put you through for ninety minutes that at the end of this shit, once the credits hit the screen I turned to my girlfriend and literally said ‘that shit was tight.’ That’s how tight this shit is, It’ll have you verbally affirming the fucking tightness.

thumbs up

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