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The Guest
Directed by Adam Wingard

Fuck to the yes.
So Adam Wingard might know what he’s doing.
This movie came recommended so I was skeptical to watch it. Mostly just because most people have shitty taste in movies. But holy butt fuck.. This movie just became my fucking shit.
From the very first shot you’re left with the impression that even though this is a thriller, this is a thriller that’s bout to be visually stunning as shit. Not to say that one of its major attributes for being a good movie is it’s amazing cinematography, cuz again, it’s only a thriller, but when they had the chance to pull off some beautiful fucking shots, they pulled off some beautiful fucking shots.

And God damnit.
Maika Monroe..
Maika MonFuckingRoe.
Might as well change her first name to Marilyn cuz I was drooling over this bitch right here. And while we’re talking about sexy ass roles in this shit, we gotta talk about who this movie is centered around from jump; Dan Stevens. This dude plays a straight faced lunatic, and absolutely kills it from the delivery of his first line to his very last.

Assholes these days think they can just pick up a script and play the ‘lunatic antagonist’ flawlessly and come off like they’re fucking Heath Ledger in Batman. Well most of you assholes can’t.
You’re not Patrick Bateman.
You’re not Private Pyle.
You’re not Jack Torrance.
And you’re certainly not the fucking Joker.
So give it up.
Not saying that Dan Stevens can measure his dick against any of these guys and win, but he’ll certainly earn your respect.

Bottom line is it’s hard to play psycho and come correct.
D. Stevens came correct. He came more than just correct, he came on all the women in the audience who were drooling over him the whole movie. His climactic scene in the final minutes of this flick was literally him climaxing on all the hoes in the audience. I mean holy shit! This dude was so hot even MY panties were getting wet.

The soundtrack on this bitch. I’m tryna download the soundtrack to this thing ASAP. Shit was haunting and went perfectly with each scene.

So stop being a douche bag and go check this one out.

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