soc subStraight Outta Compton
Directed by F. Gary Gray

This mad tight shit right here is the story of the rap group NWA’s rise to fame, and all the crazy n wild shit that stemmed from its success. To be straight and to the point, this shit is powerful. Straight the fuck up and down. Powerfully acted and powerfully driven. No bullshit involved.
As I sat down I thought I was just gonna learn some tight shit about NWA’s startup and bob my head for an hour and a half as I witnessed this group crank out their old tunes. So when the movie got a little emotional, I gotta say it wasn’t something I was completely prepared for. My eyes started to water up.. I knew I had to act fast; I couldn’t let anyone else in the audience think I was a punk. Quickly, I grab for my drink in an attempt to shield my face from any mother fucker looking at me that thinks I’m crying. Negative. Not working. I look ridiculous. I look as if I’m shielding my face with a medium cherry coke fountain drink to hide the fact that I don’t want mother fuckers knowing I’m crying. Next move. I put my drink back down and brainstorm other ideas. I decide I’ll wait it out. Maybe if I sit long enough the tears in my eyes will dry up and I’ll be home free. Damnit! The tears got too big and spilled over into the crevice touching my nose. I hurry up and dab it before it runs down my face and makes me the ultimate bitch in this fucking movie theater. Both eyes are watering up again. If I don’t do something fast I’ll lose control of the situation.. Like a stroke of genius it comes to me- All I have to do is rest my head on my hand and dry the insides of my eyes with my forefinger. I complete the task flawlessly. Mission accomplished. While all these mother fuckers in this audience were watching this wonderful ass movie, they thought I was just another mother fucker just like them, enjoying this feature film with not a care in the world. Little did they know I was crying like a bitch.. Ha! What fucking fools.

But real shit this movie is epic. One thing that ‘based on a true story’ flicks usually fuck up is the portrayal and just straight up physical appearance of the characters the movie is based on. Kinda throws the whole thing off for you as a viewer. This one doesn’t. The casting for this shit was on point. Ya boy who played Ice Cube was immaculate, from the way he talked to flashin that big ass fuckin Ice Cube grin. And holy fuck.. I was holding out for one rapper in particular to make an appearance, not knowing if it was actually gonna happen or not, and it fucking did. TU-MOTHER-FUCKING-PAC. I swear to god if I was alone in that theater I would have jumped out of that seat and started jumping up and down like a fucking eight year old girl hearing One Direction for the first time. Pac is my shit. All Eyes on Me is in my top five rap albums of all time. And this mother fucker really looked and talked like Tupac! I mean holy shit! For a second there I was a firm believer that he was still alive and came back from off the grid to help make this movie. V tight.

NWA is iconic. You can’t argue that even if you don’t like rap. They’re iconic not for just the music they created, but for the sound they created. They’re iconic for what they stood for; standing up against the ones you shouldn’t stand against. They were just a few Compton mother fuckers that said fuck you to anybody and everybody and then took the fucking world.
Good job movie. You are good to me.

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