deadpool small

Directed by Tim Miller

I think Ryan Reynolds is the biggest crap of shit pile ever and I still enjoyed Deadpool. And I love super hero flicks but I hate the cheesiness that coincides with them. The comic books the cheesiness can be tolerable. But for some reason the punch lines in the comic books get lost in translation on their way to the big screen, making it sometimes cringe worthy to watch. And when it comes to corny Deadpool is corny as all fuck. I mean he is head fucking honcho of the corny lands. I mean holy shit! When it comes to cheese he is the fucking leaning tower!

leaning tower of cheeza

That being said, I still fuck with Deadpool as a movie. He may not be my favorite superhero, he’s probably not even in my top five, but I can’t deny the shit was entertaining.

Deadpool is his own comic relief. He is a goofy fucker that relentlessly breaks the fourth wall with ridiculous narratives and dick jokes. You would think it gets tiring to watch, but it doesn’t. That’s probably due to the fact that this isn’t a normal hero movie. Yeah it’s Marvel but it doesn’t play like Marvel- Marvel tends to be a little more on the clean cut side when it comes to their protagonists’ ideals. Not with Deadpool. Deadpool is kind of a rogue fuckhead/superhero hybrid and basically does whatever the fuck he wants. He’ll put a bullet through the head of a wounded enemy with no thought of sparing them and he walks up on his fight scenes with DMX’s “X gon’ give it to ya” playing in the background. I mean you’ve gotta be a dick head to not fuck with that.

Some people might not like the take Tim Miller took on Colossus. For those who haven’t read any of the comics, you’re probably not gonna be a huge fan of the Miller’s Colossus- at least, at first. In Deadpool, he is completely CGI, but is more true to the comic book version of Colossus, which is a seven foot towering mother fucker of steel. It takes a little getting used to, but this Colossus is way better. Not to mention he has one of the best fight scenes in the movie.

Movie is tight.

thumbs up