amy winehouse post imageAmy Directed by Asif Kapadia

One of the strongest and most original artists to ever live, her unique sound rivals competition from any genre, from any generation of music. From ex-lovers, family, colleagues, and life long friends; ‘Amy’ conveys the beautiful yet ultimately tragic story Amy Winehouse came to live.

It starts off easy enough, and you’re eagerly rooting for Amy’s rise to fame. From flashes of her past, to interviews showing a more intimate side, you’re tapping your foot almost all the way through. Amy’s music is super personal, so it wasn’t hard for the film makers to touch on almost every aspect that surrounded her music, often coinciding songs with literal explanations of said lyrics, but all the while doing so without actually spelling it out for you. I thought the producers did a really nice job of that. And even through all of her mistakes and bad judgement, you’re never not on her side.
And despite the unfortunate outcome you already know is looming at the end of those ninety minutes, you still long for a finish that doesn’t end in tragedy. It may be a dark story, but it’s an honest one, never leaning to any one person’s beliefs, you’re left to form your own.
If you haven’t already fallen in love with Amy Winehouse through her music, as I and millions of others already have, you will definitely fall in love with her through ‘Amy’.

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